:: new tune: Under your skin :: 25-10-2008

I've had a productive afternoon and done an acoustic version of a tune I've had knocking around for a while. I've added it to the top of the playlist below. Hope you like it.

:: new tune: I've been busy... :: 22-10-2008

I've got around to doing some demos of songs that have been knocking around for a while; Wednesday afternoons have been productive since I wangled my working hours to allow me to get home early. I have to leave later the rest of the week, though, and now that winter's drawing in that does mean it's very dark by the time I leave the office. :(

Anyway, I hope you like the new songs. They're all done by me, no samples, all live takes, which means they're a bit rough around the edges (particularly the vocals, but I can't do anything about that, alas). Let me know what you think.

:: new tune: the easy way out :: 28-09-2006

a new tune for you

:: new tune: back catalogue :: 27-09-2006


I've discovered the XSPF web music player which allows me to have playlists. Check out and for further information.